• Stellar Atmosphere Models and Synthetic Spectra Calculations for O, B and A type stars (also including evolved sdO, sdB, DO, DB and DA types)
  • Multi-wavelength (X-ray - UV - Optical - IR) Spectroscopic Fits with XTgrid using Tlusty, CMFGEN, Atlas ( BlueRed, BOSZ) and Phoenix synthetic spectra or stellar templates
  • Target classifications in large area surveys or multi-object spectroscopy
  • Precision spectroscopy of
  • Animation and Media Content (Blender, Gimp)
  • Service Observing (visitor mode)
  • Assistance with Code Development and Optimization (e.g.: Fortran, C, Python, scripting)
  • Proposal Writing, Proofreading
  • Consulting, Web Page Maintenance, etc.

Released for testing:

  • XTgrid Sandbox and XTgrid Live: self-service online stellar spectral analysis with Tlusty, CMFGEN or Atlas models.

Under development:

  • Spectral disentangling of triples and higher-order multiple star systems
  • Galactic orbit calculations and stellar kinematics from GAIA data
Partner institutes