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  • Self-service online stellar spectral analysis with Tlusty/XTgrid and H,He,C,N,O models.

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If your project fits in one of the categories below, use the buttons to start a project. Otherwise, contact us and describe the task you need.
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  • Please specify the amount of data, type of object(s), the level of complexity you need in the models and the scientific question you pursue. You can also attach your reduced science ready observational data. In any case, to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed project we need to assess a sample of your observational data. Such data is a small, but representative part of the final data set to be analyzed, or some sort of reduced quality (resolution and/or SNR) sample data set. Please indicate in your comments if your data is the actual data set you wish to process, or a sample set to request quote.
  • Provide enough details on how you want the final product look, examples on the web and what time frame you can allow us to finish the project. Also include additional material that may help visualizing the concept.
  • We need the abstract, date, location and the technical description of the planned observations along with the observatory information.

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